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Woodland Park School District Re-2 encompasses the northern half of Teller County. The District, as it exists today, was established in 1959 when residents of Teller County voted to consolidate into the present configuration of two school districts within the county. The beginning of the 1995-96 school year marked the first time in the history of the District that enrollment crossed over the 3000 mark. This size makes the District small enough to be responsive to student and constituent need and yet large enough to offer a well-rounded instructional program.

Located north of Pike’s Peak in a spectacular mountain setting, the area provides an opportunity to enjoy the scenery, outdoor activities and peaceful life of Colorado.

Woodland Park, being twenty minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, provides residents the opportunity to live in a small community with easy access to a metropolitan area.

The community values learning and residents actively support the schools. Woodland Park’s School Improvement Teams, Parent-Teacher Organizations, and other groups of enthusiastic parents support education programs. Acting as liaison between community and school, their goal is continued quality education through close community-school cooperation.

Education is the foundation for a vital community. Woodland Park School District Re-2 invites all area citizens to become partners with the District’s education staff, for we believe a PERSONAL INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION is an investment in the future of Teller County.

The educational programs of the District have focused on maintaining a balance between offering traditional instruction in basic skills and providing students the innovative, exciting instruction they will need as they grow up in a dynamic and changing society. In addition to this balanced academic program, students participate in a full range of co-curricular activities. Award-winning activities include art, band, drama, forensics, and vocal music. Woodland Park School District Re-2 is fully accredited by the Colorado Department of Education. Accreditation is certification by the State Board of Education that public schools and school districts establish standards and goals to be met according to the accreditation indicators and State Board rules and regulations.

All of the District’s educational facilities have been extensively renovated or constructed since 1988. Each of three elementary school facilities accommodates Kindergarten through Grade Five. In addition, all three elementary schools have preschool programs for children three and four years of age. The enrollment for each of these schools is between 450 and 500 students. Approximately 800 students in Grades Six through Eight attend Woodland Park Middle School. Woodland Park High School is a Grade Nine through Twelve complex of over 1,000 students.

Woodland Park students consistently hold the fourth highest score position of all districts in the Pikes Peak region on the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP). Terra Nova Multiple Assessment results are above average to well-above average. There are programs for Gifted and Talented as well as services for students who are struggling with academics. Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) provide support for many students.

Woodland Park High School is proud of the 105 varied course offerings including 6 Honors courses and 5 Advanced Placement courses. The District has an ambitious five-year program to update texts and teaching materials for all core academics Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade and many elective and exploratory areas.

The Board of Education is made up of citizens elected by voters of the school district. The five members are elected to four-year terms and serve without pay. The Board, on behalf of students, staff, parents and the community, holds itself accountable to the citizens of the District and the Board’s “Ends” policies.

In the fulfillment of this charge, the Board is committed to rigorous, continual improvement of its capacity to govern effectively through policy by defining its concerns in terms of values and its vision in terms of expectations.

The Board of Education governs with an emphasis on organization vision rather than on interpersonal issues of the Board; encourages diversity in viewpoints; focuses on strategic leadership rather than administrative detail; observes clear distinction between Board and Superintendent roles; makes collective rather than individual decisions; exhibits future orientation rather than past or present; and governs proactively rather than reactively.

Board of Education meetings are regularly held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. However, the Board does schedule one regular meeting at each school facility during the school year. To view a current Board Agenda click here.

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